Storage and Maintenance

Storage and maintenance Each piece of silver jewelery is individually designed and handmade. They all get their own tracks. 

Material that I use: silver 925s, fine silver 999s, gold 24 karat, copper, clay, enamel, glass, metal, leather, Kautschuk, various gemstones.

Silver is an element with the designation Ag. The chemical symbol Ag comes from silver's Latin name Argentum. Silver is soft and is therefore alloyed with copper to be used for jewellery, cutlery and other household items. The alloy is 925 parts silver and 75 parts copper. That is why silver is stamped with 925s. Silver reacts with sulphur, which causes silver jewelery and other silver objects to become discolored over time when they stand/lie in front of you. The coating is thin and can be removed by sanding. I recommend that you use Silver dip from Town Talk on the white silver jewelery I make. Silver dip works well in nooks and crannies and the silver becomes shiny. You can buy Town Talk Silver dip from jewellers. Impregnated polishing cloth for silver can be used on oxidized silver jewelery to make the edges shinier. For regular maintenance and washing, you can wash the jewelery with zalo and warm water. Brush them with a soft toothbrush. Rinse well and let them dry. If the jewelery is particularly dirty, you can mix a little salmiak with zalo when you wash the jewellery. To avoid discolouration, I recommend that the jewelery is stored in a ziplock bag when not in use. It is important that the jewelery is completely dry before putting it in the bag, and that it is closed completely so that it is as airtight as possible to avoid discolouration. Otherwise, it is important to remember to take off the jewelery in the evening, and before exercising, showering or bathing (chlorine water discolours silver). Soap residues, creams and moisture can also discolour the jewellery. 

Oxidized jewelry

For oxidized jewellery, the oxidation will wear away on the most exposed surfaces as the jewelery is used. It may therefore be necessary to refresh the oxidation once in a while, in the same way that you have to polish shiny silver to keep it nice. I can do this for you if necessary, get in touch if you want to freshen up the oxidation in your jewelery from me. .