About Lille Higrav

Welcome. Here you can find decoration in french-nordic country style, handmade jewelry (Lofoten Jewelry) and other local products from North Norway. Lille Higrav shop was established in the summer of 2020.You will find it at the bottom of Lofoten`s highest mountain - Higravstinden (1146m), 22km from Svolvær.

My shop is "Closed for the Season"!

Sales exhibition Lofoten Jewelry

Exhibition and sale of some  handmade jewelery can be found at the Lofoten Museum in Kabelvåg.

Handmade jewelry

-unique like us humans-

Cooperation  Partner

The logo for "Lofoten Jewelry" was designed by artist Julia Haider - Jules Portobello Art.

Våganavisa  Mai 2022

Norsk Ukeblad November 2021

Lofotposten -Leserbrev August 2021

Våganavisa Juni 2021

Tysk Kvinneblad "Bild der Frau" April 2021

Lofotposten Oktober 2020

Våganavisa Juni 2020