About Lofoten Jewelry

Handmade jewelry

-unique like us humans-

My name is Jacqueline Steinkraus, I am a jewellery designer and I am based at Laupstad in Lofoten.

My workshop is tiny, but there's a lot of heart room here.

The dream and vision was to let creativity have free rein and to create different and unique silver jewelry.

All jewelry is designed by myself and handmade on my workbench.

I don't do any mass production and every piece of jewelry is real needlework. Therefore, the expression and size of the jewelry will be different from the jewelry to the jewelry - that's what makes everyone truly unique.

I am constantly inspired by nature and people.

You can buy my jewelry in my cozy shop "Lille Higrav" which I run in beautiful Lofoten and in my online store (only in Norway).

Hope you find something you like.

I am a member of Norwegian Made.

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