Enamel Jewelry- Storage/Maintenance

Paint the glass and therefore treat it as glass. 

Enamel he glass that leg on solution and ware handle.

Since the glass is enamelled, it can shatter if used carelessly. 

If your jewelery falls (el hit) on a tiled floor, metal or other hard surface, in most cases and piece of enamel will fall our product. This frame can no longer be repaired from technical equipment. It is not possible to file a lawsuit against this in the first place against other influences.

Enamel is glass that has been fused on to metal at a very high temperature to form a decorative finish. Although enamel is relatively durable, you must remember that, as glass, it should be handled with care.

Care should be taken not to drop, apply force or scratch the surface of the enamel, as this could mark or even crack it.

If you have an enamel ring, avoid wearing other rings on an adjacent finger as this can scratch the enamel surface. On a similar note, care should be taken when clapping as rings worn on the other hand can cause damage to your enamel.

When not wearing your enamel piece of jewellery, store it carefully away from any other pieces which could rub it and cause scratches.

To clean your enamel jewellery, simply use a soft cloth and warm soapy water to wipe away any dirt.